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                                      Blackfoot Tipi's - Don DeMott
                                                  Welded from Copper and Steel  

  Using welding torches and a Mig welder Don sculpts the frame of the tipi from Steel, then fashions the tipi's skin from copper. Each tipi is then hand painted using a technique transforming the smooth copper into what looks like buffalo hide. A theme is picked to decorate the tipi based on the tribe's beliefs or                                                      simply from what they embraced in life.

Blackfoot Buffalo Tipi & Skull
              14" x 9.5"x 12"

18 - Copy (2).JPG
21 - Copy.JPG

Blackfoot Buffalo Tipi & Skull with two tone door
                                14" x 9.5" x 12"

IMG_5357 Blackfoot Buffalo Skull Tipi Do
IMG_5343 Blackfoot Buffalo Skull Tipi Do

                       Blackfoot Camp
    Buffalo, Dancing Horses and Otter Tipi's

                          Three different sizes 


Blackfoot Tipi  Crow 

IMG_6878 - Copy.jpg
IMG_3991 Blackfoot Buffalo Tipi .JPG
IMG_3999 Blackfoot Buffalo Tipi .JPG

Blackfoot Tipi Blank & Buffalo Skull

IMG_9940 copy.jpg

Blackfoot Tipi Dancing Horses

IMG_5350 - Bottom of Tipis Adjustable fe

            Gallery Display

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